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Benefits & Challenges in the Business Virtual World

8:48 AM, Posted by Pebriant Bp, One Comment

Internet has proven effective in this modern era, by the concept of social media for more information likely quickly spread widely. In this opportunity, I would like to discuss more clearly what benefits and challenges to involve business in a virtual world.

I hope that you are considering to open a business or build a business presence in the virtual world, so more confident and have a useful guide. Let's start ...

In terms of marketing the most consumerist, because the Internet has proven effective for disseminating information.
  • Format Electronics - With the electronic format, an information easily spread widely via email, IM (Instant Messaging), or RSS feeds.
  • 24-Hour Service - Anyone, anytime, and anywhere you can access the service for 24 hours. Compared to the normal working hours, are only 8-10 hours per day, this is a value-added. This is also the opportunity to serve customers in remote or have the time difference.
  • Executors Marketing - With benefits social media, you no longer have to be a marketing agency. Remember about the electronic format? They are the teams you to disseminate your product info.
  • Branding - Perhaps the goods or services that you serve not sold through the Internet, but you can still utilize the Internet to strengthen the image of your brand.
  • Branch Offices - If indeed you have a business in the real world, the presence in the virtual world can be symbolized as the Branch Office. In this special serves customers with Internet access.
Savings are the main reasons of operational terms, which can be associated with:
  • Capital Home -Believe it or not, you can start your presence in the virtual world without the cost of the charges.
  • Cost Rent Places -Many online business based household, because they do not need to rent a special stand in the mall or the market.
  • Save Officer - You can use the product catalog (correctly), so that buyers do not need to come physically occupied, or served by phone. (Maybe for the last still required for the customer.) Cost savings can also be employees, not because they need special personnel to maintain the stand or store.

Communication can be split into two, namely between the company and customers (vertical) and between fellow pelangan (horizontal).
  • Vertical Communication- You can present the uniform guidelines or details of your product through the Internet, with the hope that customers can independently find the information needed.
  • Horizontal Communications - internet culture is a culture of mutual help. It is normal when you see a lot of discussion forum whose members help each other solve a problem, including product or service you later.

Due to the Indonesian community in general is relatively new to the business of the Internet, also faced challenges including large.
  • Adapting the Internet - Need specific guidance on how to use the Internet, especially for the older generation.
  • Internet Service - Internet service itself is relatively rare for the regions. But this program is not the maximum, because not cover all the potential that exists.
  • Return of Investement (ROI) - Not only in cost, but also the time needed to present the material via the Internet. Cost may still be affordable, but in general think that the time needed has not been commensurate with the results of diraihnya.
  • Lack of Payment Solutions Through Internet - In general, transactions conducted via the Internet with a credit card. But the evidence is still much that is still hampered by bank transfer process.
  • Need Time To Delivery - Most buyers want to enjoy the goods is also belanjaannya seconds. Therefore, the challenge is so large for such barang2 fresh food.

Easy Ways Starting Business

8:38 AM, Posted by Pebriant Bp, One Comment

To start a business or a business not wait for ideal conditions. Adequate capital, strategic location, the employees say, the spare time to start a business is the ideal condition. And to get it all in the same time take on a greater sacrifice.

Moreover, for us, we are still as employees in other places, awaiting the ideal conditions can be a difficult choice.

One option for an employee to have their own business is to open the business side. So that we can still work and get a salary. And we try to get additional revenue through the efforts of our path.

Opening the business side can be a choice that we can determine the type of business and the business scale according to our interests and capabilities. If we have the ideal conditions, the options open to companies, shops, or take the franchise is the right option.

But for those who have not dare to take risks by opening their own shops, there is one choice that is easy to immediately start the business, namely with the consignment system.

With the system we commend consignment merchandise to our stores, kiosks, or minimarkets / supermarkets others. We do not need to have their own shops and do not need to have their own employees. Clearly it will save much money. We only need to inculcate in the capital goods investment of time and energy plus stores to offer to others. goodsn not need their own, can we buy goods wholesale and then we loan to several shops.

Consignment agreement can be flexible, to small shops such as kiosks, we just made a family / deliberation and discussion with the agreement that much easier. How many goods that are, how much it costs, like when checked, when the payment is done, and other agreements and discussed with the deal after both parties agree or the consignment can be run. There is agreement that this be done in writing (and indeed should be written), although in a format that is simple, so if there is a dispute, there is pedomannya.

To commend the goods to companies that have large (minimarket or supermarket) on the terms more stringent. The supermarkets have set conditions that must be met.

Our experience in kiosks (Kiosk Addina), after the visible store (a lot of customers and many transactions), who had come to offer consignment. Initially we are very careful, there is a sense of worry goods will not behave. But Alhamdulillah many consignment of goods sold successfully in our kiosks.

He offered to the kiosks, we also varied. Initially only the veil and similar products, and offers a perfume, and even now there are women who leave the bag. The owner of the goods that leave us in kiosks, periodically check the barangya behavior or not, need to be added or not. Sometimes also be conducted by SMS, and if it is behavior, the owner of the goods come to our kiosks to receive payment of goods that behavior.

Continue what if the goods do not behave? Owners usually swap goods with other goods and goods that may not lakuk in kiosks we can, and probably behavior in other places. So I commend consignment of goods should not only to one store. If you can leave the goods to many shops, the same we have many stores without having to rent a store, without having to pay employees, and money flows ...

quoted from Fuad Muftie

Business Ethics in the Company

3:21 AM, Posted by Pebriant Bp, No Comment

Ethics violations can occur anywhere, including in the business world. To achieve the benefits, many companies do various moral violations. This shady practices not only harm other companies, but also communities and countries. Practices of corruption, collusion and nepotism are mushrooming in many companies.
Business ethics should be turned on in the company. In this regard, companies that operate in the field of consultants has big role in the establishment of norms. How a company consultant uphold business ethics? Dingy A. Stamboel, Managing Partner SWEETCAKE Stamboel & Partners was a consultant with Price Waterhouse of the world Coopers (PWC) explains Lika-bay business consultant and efforts to enforce ethics and transparency in the company. Check out the various views:

Business ethics should be turned on in the company. In this regard, companies that operate in the field of consultants has big role in the establishment of norms. How a company consultant uphold business ethics? Dingy A. Stamboel, Managing Partner SWEETCAKE Stamboel & Partners was a consultant with Price Waterhouse of the world Coopers (PWC) explains Lika-bay business consultant and efforts to enforce ethics and transparency in the company. Check out the various views:

"Companies such as international consultant PWC has a global standard. They will find that consulted the same standards in various countries. Companies that have a standard will be known reputation, both as a brand, content services, quality people, and the output of the people.

Approach with the standard qualifications, not "the origin-asalan." Company consultants carry very high quality of the mind. Excellence companies located in knowledge management. For example, how to empower and enhance the knowledge with a clear program. These efforts require a business that is not small.

To build a reputation, the company's highly respects ethics consultant. Therefore, the consultant company that rarely advertise in excess. So that reputation remains intact, the consultant company has several criteria. We reject the high-risk clients, although he provides a lot of money.

In choosing clients, PCW more research industrial selection. Parties, each company has the possibility to obtain consulting services. Most clients already know our reputation. They will pay a fee in accordance with the services offered, such as setting up the financial system, information technology, and increasing the efficiency of other companies. Package offered by the consultant company specifically will help the complex problems faced by a company, including the company's collapse cure.

When the Indonesian economy to grow rapidly in the last ten years, many new entrants in the business. There are traders who became a banker. Many businessmen also a very expansive outside ability. They compete to build the business konglomerasi exit from the core business without the management of both organizations. As a result, during the difficult economic lot of companies that go bankrupt.

One of the company's ethics consultant is to maintain the confidentiality of the client. Consultant companies can only handle two companies in the same industry, but the confidentiality of each company will remain intact. The company that one can not take advantage of other companies. Each company has a resolution of the problem, so it can eventually compete with one another.

Company consultants have value and provide recommendations to be implemented clients. For example, there are ethics, the company does not employ staff children. In overseas, there is a restriction of trade relations with companies that do not carry the ethical trading. We also suggest, companies do not take advantage of overcharging consumers by way of deception.

Violations of ethics in business companies are many, but the efforts to constitute a need to be encouraged ethic. For example, companies do not need to fudge to achieve victory. Relations are not transparent, can cause special relationship or collusion, and provides opportunities for corruption.

From where efforts to enforcement of ethical business started? Business ethics most readily applied in the company itself. Leaders of the company's start this step because they become role models for their employees. In addition, business ethics must be implemented in a transparent manner. Company leaders should be separate companies with their own property. In the operation, the companies that trade rules set by the ways of law.

Business ethics will not be violated if there are rules and sanctions. If all the behavior of one left, I will become a habit. Repotnya, a norm that this will be the culture. Therefore, if there is a violation of the rules provided for sanctions to give lessons concerned.

Business services consultant may not be separated from the irregularities. In this business reputation and the necessary understanding of perception. Therefore, if there are negative perceptions do not diremehkan. In facing the problem, companies do not defensive, but action to reform.

Efforts can be made by the company to enforce the culture of transparency, among others:
  1. Enforcement of culture is responsible for all what to do. Individuals who do not have the error hiding behind the institution. To state the truth sometimes considered against the flow, but now there must be courage to declare a new opinion.
  2. Measurements used to measure the performance clear. Not based on proximity with superiors, but the performance.
  3. Management of human resources must be good.
  4. Vision and mission clearly reflects the behavior of the organization.

The Business With Hobbies

1:33 AM, Posted by Pebriant Bp, One Comment

Hobby is a great way to start a business. Why? Because the combine between enjoyment, interests and talents. Thus, you will not feel the answer to work or build a business. It seems as if you do it while playing. Not only that, if it is a hobby, then surely you already know the ropes and even the details. For example, just like you treat the plant. Sure you know where to get a good seed, fertilizer purchase, the media and other supporting materials with low price and how to care and cultivation. You may also have joined the community hobiis the same. This makes it easier to obtain your information
and relationships.

Then, how to start a business from this hobby? Almost the same as the actual start of a new business. The difference, you have a base of knowledge, insight and experience sufficient. Some things you need to note are:

1. Enjoy it hobby
'Practice makes Perfect'. If you do this for a hobby because to fill her spare time, or fraudulent, you must start now diligent practice. Do not forget to practice directly from the theory that all you have learned. With continued practice, your ability will be increased and you could make the best products. This will increase the value of selling.

2. Add your knowledge
If not enough on the experience. You need to add of knowledge through courses, seminars or training related to the hobby. Through such activities, you will gain the knowledge and a certificate that can increase personal branding and prestige. This will increase customer confidence. I read a book, magazine, Internet or other media to increase your knowledge. With the mailing list (mailling list) according hobby, you can even get additional insight. Can be even for the experts directly. Of course this is very useful.

3. Learn from the experts
Experience is the best teacher. Not that you need to experience the natural self. You can draw experience from the business that have been successful. For example, learn from the ornamental plants that have been successful. Or learn from the lecturers are qualified researchers. Learning directly with experts and people who successfully run a hobby that you like, will increase your ability. This is the best way to produce a good product and competitive both in terms of quality and price. You can even measure the ability and your work.

4. Promote products
If your product is ready, immediately promote . For the initial stage, can be offered to the community that you follow. Or to the environment, such as the nearest neighbors and relatives. Advantages, you can ask for feedback about your product, and disseminated before the fix. If their response is good, you can try to offer shops. However, some types of stores would only accept certain goods from the supplier.
Or if not, they provide certain requirements, like minimum number of items of goods, the continuity of supply, discounts, etc..
If your product unique and not the market, better to do online marketing. In addition to cheap, you can reach the right consumers.

5. Do not forget: Campaign!
Marketing the need to be supported by a good campaign. Do not be lazy to promote your product. Promotion can be done in many ways. If you want a free, ad can be free through the site. Or advertise in the mailing-list. If you want to campaign personally, can by allowing prospective buyers to sample us. To provide a bonus in the amount of purchase is also good for a particular campaign. Generally, if the customer satisfied, they will tell to other people.

Note also that, prior to really dive into the business, you still need to conduct market research and create business plans, although the simple. This is to avoid losing energy, time and cost. In addition, so you know some of you have a hobby, a hobby which can be used as a business. So, you advance to start?

Business is a Battleground

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Not a lot if the identification business with the war (or by also including my political). Many entrepreneurs learn the business strategy of Sun Tzu (war strategy) and Machialvelist (political strategy).

Employers are like a knight the battle alone, win the battle for the battle to occupy the throne of the king. Never trust anyone except yourself, although it is army. And expect to maintain your power with wise, because everyone will try to exploit kelengahanmu. - Donald Trump, Real Estate Selebrities

Trump opinion may be too extreme, but in reality it is not too far from it. In the battle there are winners and no losers. I play chess, also in the business and there is no requirement for compensation. Does not mean we should menghalalkan all the way to achieve that goal. But more to the strength and mental attitude. Do not believe too easy to prove themselves before and how to win the battle with the wise

taken from cerita-bisnis

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